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Geriatric Fellowship Program

Program Description
Institutions and Rotations
Program Faculty
Program Fellows
The Application Process

Co-Chiefs, Division of Geriatrics and Gerontology: Ronald D. Adelman, MD, and Mark S. Lachs, MD, MPH

Fellowship Program Director: Barrie Raik, MD

Fellowship Program Assistant Director: Arun Rao, MD

Fellowship Program Coordinator: Anthony Sewell

Director, Inpatient Services: Eugenia Siegler, MD

Director, Consult Service: Taryn Yeon Lee, MD

Palliative Care Service: Desiree Pardi, MD; Elizabeth Schack, GNP; Dory Hottensen, CSW

Director, Office of Geriatric Research: Cary Reid, MD, PhD

Medical House Call Program: Veronica Lo Faso, MD; Deirdre Mole, GNP

Geriatric Medicine: Rosemary Bakker, MS; Mary Ballin, GNP; Risa Breckman, LCSW; Carol Capello, PhD; Elizabeth Capezuti, PhD, RN; James Davis, MA;Howard Eison, MD; J. Dermont Frengley, MBChB, MS; Erika Friedmann, PhD; Janet Gershengorn, PhD; Michele Greene, DrPH; Simon Kassabian, MBChB, MD; Denis Keohane, MD; Allen Mead, MD; Jeffrey Nichols, MD; Maria Pavlou, MD; Michael Perskin, MD; Karl Pillemer, PhD, MA; Bharathi Raman, MD; Sharda Ramsaroop, MD; Daniel Reingold, MSW, JD; Carlo Russo, MD; Kenneth Scileppi, MD; Amy Sterm, LCSW

Long Term Care: Stephan Lansey, MD; Melissa Martin, MD; Fausto Meza, MD; Bharathi Raman, MD David Pomeranz; X. Nancy Yin, MD;

Geriatric Psychiatry: Robert Abrams, MD; John W Barnhill, MD; Stephen John Ferrando, MD; Adella Wasserstein, MD

Arthritis and Mobility: Ed Parrish, MD; Steven Paget, MD; Sandy Ganz, PT, DSc

Memory Disorders and Neurogeriatrics: Flint Beal, MD, PhD; John P. Blass, MD, PhD; Gregg Caporaso, MD; Gunnar K Gouras, MD; Michael Lin, MD; Lisa Ravdin, PhD; Norman Relkin, MD; Alan Segal, MD; Cheryl Waters, MD

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