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Geriatric Fellowship Program

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Program Fellows
The Application Process

Class of 2000
Ahmed Mirza, MD
Nancy Yin, MD

Class of 2001
Mahnaz Ahmad, MD
Yakov Iofel, MD
Anna Lamnari, MD

Class of 2002
Miwako Honda, MD
Lisa Honkanen, MD

Class of 2003
Timothy Hsieh, MD
Taryn Yeon Lee, MD

Class of 2004
Amiel Levin, MD
Lizette Smith, MD

Class of 2005
Fausto Meza, MD
Maria Pavlou, MD

Class of 2006
Sharda Ramsaroop, MD
Daphne Schneider, MD

Class of 2007
Amy S. Kelley, MD
Karin-Elizabeth M. Ouchida, MD

Class of 2008
Emily Finkelstein, MD
Sonal S. Mehta, MD

Class of 2009
Elizabeth Fine, MD
Alka Nischal, MD
Hani Babiker

Class of 2010
Ramin Hodjati, MD
Tessa Marie Del Carmen, MD

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